Our ministry conducts a regular feeding program for poor and vulnerable children and families in several areas in Metro Manila.  During meal time, the children hear bible teachings, learn scripture verses, and sings songs.  Most of the children who benefit from the program cannot afford to eat three times a day and some don't even have a roof over their heads at night.


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Revival of Faith Ministry has been providing assistance to orphaned and abandoned children in the Philippines for several years.  The mission of this outreach porgram is to provide a healthy and caring environment. Revival of Faith partnered with non-profit organizations in the Philippines to bring much needed supplies for the children's daily needs.


With your help we can continue to provide assistance and bring hope to these children. Your gift or donation to our outreach programs will bring you the happines of knowing you are making difference in the lives of many people.


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Our medical and vision ministry was established to provide assistance particulary to elderly and people who are under-served and unable to have basic medical and vision screenings.  We are committed to provide these needed services in the name of our Messiah Yahshua in hopes of making people better their lives both physically and spiritually.

2013 Medical Mission was very successful and blessed many underprivileged families in the Philippines. We would like to continue this great services and it is something that we cannot do on our own.  We need YOUR participation!


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Revival of Faith Ministries continues to provide assistance for the poor and abandoned elderly people in the Philippines.  Most of these vulnerable elderly were rejected  and deserted because of their physical and mental infirmities. Our mission is to bring hope, joy, and love to elderly by providing them with basic needs, sharing our time, talents, and skilss through doing crafts, singing songs, and sharing a meal with them. 


We encourage YOU to take action and support this outreach program to continue this wonderful service of giving hope, encouragement, joy, and love to these poor and abandoned elderly.


DONATE ONLINE- YOU can make a difference in the lives of these rejected and deserted elderly starting today  Thank you very much for your support.  Yahweh Bless!

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