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GREETINGS! We are so blessed and grateful to have you as our guest today. We hope and pray that you experience our Almighty Father YAHWEH's joy, peace and love by granting you the desires of your heart and blessing you with a stronger and richer faith through our messiah YAHSHUA. And as part of our goal to provide support and uplift those who are still yet to know, believe and receive YAHWEH and YAHSHUA in their lives, We encourage and invite you to be part of our journey and see first-hand how YAHWEH can work and change your life.  Being more than just a church, you will see programs, events and activities that the whole family will surely enjoy. Allow us to get to know you more! We would love to fellowship and share with you the good news, towards a richer spirituality.  Let us celebrate YAHWEH's greatness and majesty as we give back to HIM all the praises and worship. We look forward to

seeing you with your friends and family real soon. You have been an amazing and wonderful guest! We hope that you enjoy you visit. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH and may our almighty father YAHWEH bless you and keep you all the time.

Revival of Faith Ministries is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the word of our Heavenly Father Yahweh in the Philippines.  




Our mission is to Revive Faith, Connect People, and Uplift Lives.




Our vision is to see people growing in their faith, embracing the truth, and proclaiming the Name of our Almighty Father Yahweh and His Son Yahshua Messiah.

Our Team

Rex Francke

Lead Pastor



Mari-Len Francke



Francis Tenchavez

Worship Leader


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